Scojet is a design, product development, manufacturing, and International Sourcing company. With professional backgrounds in both Engineering and Industrial Design, we not only understand the core concepts of mechanical engineering, we also have an understanding how to optimize form and function.

Scojet also has over 20 years Swiss Machining experience. We are able to produce some of the most complex design features today, including thread whirling, cross hole drilling and tapping, slot milling, polygon milling, "C" axis milling, miniature hole drilling, deep hole drilling up to 20x, pick off with complex and extensive back working, milling of non-conventional forms, eccentric and off-center work, as well as angled mill/drill/tap with our 8-Axis Swiss

Team Work

Scojet employs professionals from all types of backgrounds: engineers, industrial designers, machinists, etc.  With such broad backgrounds, Scojet is able to cross many borders in order to produce the best-finished product possible. Along these lines, collaboration with the customer, as well as with each other, is a staple of Scojet’s design process.

How well people work together is a good way to see how successful a company will be in their endeavors. Through a strong value of teamwork, Scojet employees treat each other with respect and courtesy and strive to use their respective experiences to benefit the company and customers.


Scojet Inc., located in Grovetown, GA, is an Engineering and Design company. Our multidisciplined staff includes engineers, industrial designers, and machinists. Scojet is guided by certain personal goals and values such as: exceeding expectations, producing high quality products, maintaining a positive outlook, and keeping an open line of communication with customers and employees alike.


Scojet Precision Engineering Group has been providing design solutions for over 10 years to major corporations such as John Deere, Club Car and Peterbilt. Over 30 years of combined consulting experience gives us insight into many solutions that solve tough, complex design issues other less experienced firms struggle with.

Utilizing the latest in computer technology we are able to interface and exchange with most engineering design software including CAD, FEA, and CAM systems. For more detailed information about our capabilities please download our free Engineering Guide.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design is the process used in the engineering of products to conceptualize, plan, model, test, and validate all material elements as well as mechanical systems and fittings.

At Scojet, we use an understanding of the core concepts of engineering, such as mechanics, physics and materials science, along with tools like computer-aided engineering, to design and analyze manufacturing parts, industrial equipment and machinery, transport systems, robotics, medical devices and more.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the professional service of generating and developing concepts and specifications that enhance the form and function of products and systems for the shared advantage of both user and manufacturer.

At Scojet, we develop these concepts and specifications through research, exploration, and collaboration with the customer. We can present clear and concise suggestions through sketches, three-dimensional models and verbal portrayals. Scojet works to ensure that design recommendations use materials and technology effectively, and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Machining and Engineering

Scojet Precision Manufacturing Group produces parts for several critical industries including medical, aerospace, industrial metering, military, machinery and consumer products. Tightly integrated with our engineering group, we are not just a machine shop but a manufacturing development lab providing prototyping through production level operations. Utilizing the latest in 3D technology and high precision CNC equipment we operate as fast, precise, efficient workforce with the ability to provide JIT deliveries. For more information about our capabilities, please download our free Manufacturing Guide.



Scojet utilizes a versatile method for producing parts by injecting molten metal at high pressure into reusable molds. Aluminum, Zinc and Copper alloys can be introduced into dies, to manufacture product with exactness and repeatability. Parts can be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces.


Scojet conducts the metal forming technology of investment casting to ensure every piece we create is as enduring as it is appealing. These lost-wax castings allow the production of components with accuracy, and integrity in a variety of metals and high-performance alloys. Our investment casting produces intricate parts with a high level of detail, excellent surface finish, and no parting lines.


When companies are challenged to reduce part costs, Scojet can provide low cost sand casting. Sand casting is the least expensive casting process. The material costs for this method are low and the sand casting process is exceptionally flexible as well as faster than other casting processes. A myriad of metals can be used for casting to meet your needs and improve your profitability.

CNC Machining

Scojet is able to produce some of the most complex design features today including thread whirling, cross hole drilling and tapping, slot milling, polygon milling, "C" axis milling, minature hole drilling, deep hole drilling up to 20x pickoff with complex and extensive back working, milling of non conventional forms, eccentric and off-center work, as well as angled mill/drill/tap with our B-axis Swiss. We also utilize the latest technology available including Partmaker Swiss Cam, SolidWorks, ProEngineer, and Tsugami Swiss Lathes.

Control Cables

Industrial, automotive, marine, medical, furniture and appliance control cables made to specification are a speciality of Scojet Inc. These cables and cable fittings are developed using precision die cast and machined components for precision, durability and strength. Cable types include locking, push/pull and adjustable.

Light Systems

Utilizing the latest lighting modules we can help you realize your most advanced designs in halogen and LED technologies. Automotive, outdoor power and recreational equipment systems are some of our specialities. Our engineers can work side by side with your team to provide the best solution for your needs.

RUBBER Molding

Scojet is the definitive source for industrial and commercial Molded Rubber Parts. We use injection, as well as compression, molding to process molded rubber goods. We are capable of creating high volumes with fast cycle times, as well as low volume custom silicone parts.

Injection Molding

Scojet also has the capabilty to produce Injection Molded parts for industrial and commercial use. We are capable of creating high volumes with fast cycle times, as well as low volume custom parts.

Global Solutions

Scojet Precision Sourcing Group has experience utilizing an international supply base for over 6 years, providing global solutions to major corporations in the United States and Canada. Manufacturers face the challenge of producing high quality products at reduced cost. A global economy demands companies focus on remaining competitive, not just in quality, but cost. Our network of pre-qualified international manufacturing partners, in addition to our own factory in China, provide options for parts and whole goods at global pricing. For more details please download our free Intl. Sourcing Guide.

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507 CDP Industrial Blvd.
Grovetown GA, 30813.
telephone: 706 228 3530
fax: 706 228 3506
E-mail: info@scojet.com

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Scojet Ninghai Konhuang
Auto & Motorcycle Cable Co., LTD
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Ninhai Zhejiang Province 315600
P: +86 186 0660 557
E-mail: rhaifeng@scojet.com

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